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The Characteristics of All Metal Bidirectional Butterfly Valve

All metal bidirectional butterfly valve is mainly used as the role of truncation and regulation in high, medium, low pressure, high temperature, and low temperature pipeline. It is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, energy, water conservancy, environmental protection, municipal, heating and other industries, especially suitable for the occasion of high sealing requirements.It’s main characteristics are showed as bellow:

1. This series butterfly valve adopts radial dynamic balanced sealing system design with national patent, the inlet and outlet side of valve are almost evenly stressed, valve opening torque is low. Its positive and negative sealing performance are reliable. It is praised by the majority of customers.

Triple Eccentric Bidirectional Butterfly Valve (2)

2. The sealing surface of the valve adopts design of integral metal sealing ring. After a high precision machining, the sealing section is elliptic. Secondray sealing is composed of metal sealing surface of valve seat and the seal ringWhen opening or closing the all metal bidirectional butterfly valve, the valve can be operated with smart operation, because of the disc sealing surface contacts or separates from each point along the 360 degrees circumference instantly.

3. All metal bidirectional butterfly valve is designed with triple eccentric structure, that is, adding an angle eccentricity on on the basis of double eccentric butterfly valve. It won’t lead to plastic deformation under high pressure, and there is no punch stress and welding stress under high or low temperature. It solves effectively the leakage caused by unreasonable secondary sealing design of traditional butterfly valves, and improves the valve sealing reliability. The application of the eccentricity extends the valve service years, and eliminates the uneven loaded between secondary sealing. There’s no sliding friction and no squeeze between the disc and the valve seat during the process of opening and closing. It makes the valve close more tightly, the sealing performance is better.





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