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What is the applicable working condition for butterfly valve in aluminum bronze valve?

Recently we have finished the production of a batch of Butterfly valve which are in C95800.

More details are as following:

Type:One Piece Body 

Size:6" 8" Pressure:150#

Body:C95800 DISC:C95800

Connection Type:RF/LUG 


What is the applicable working condition for Butterfly in aluminum bronze valve?

Bronze, aluminum bronze and nickel aluminum bronze butterfly valves are mainly used in severe working conditions that need to overcome strong corrosive environment, such as seawater desalination platform, various types of marine vessels, warships, submarines, offshore drilling platforms and other navigation equipment; as well as supporting facilities of polycarbonate, polyethylene, low density polyethylene, aromatic hydrocarbon and liquefied natural gas (LNG) refineries. It has been widely used in fire control system, ballast control system, cooling system, seawater injection system and many other key systems.





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