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What is the difference between Double offset and Tripple Offset Butterfly Valve?

In Eccentric Butterfly valve, also known as High Performance Butterfly Valves, the stem does not pass through the center-line of the disc, but instead located offset from the center according to the categories of double and triple offset valves.

When the stem is located right behind the center-line of the disc, the valve is called Single-Offset Butterfly Valve. This design was developed to reduce the disc contact with seal before full closure of the valve with the aim of improving service life of the valve. Single-offset butterfly valves have given way to double offset and triple offset butterfly valves.

In a Double-offset butterfly valve, the stem is located behind the disc with an additional offset to one side. This double eccentricity of the stem enables the rotating disc to rub over the seat for only about one to three degrees.

 1st offset : the axis of the shaft is behind the center-line of the sealing point of the disc to seat.

2nd offset : the axis of the shaft is eccentric to the center of the valve/pipeline.

A triple-offset Butterfly valve is often used in critical applications and is designed similar to a double offset butterfly valve with one more offset.


DBV Product :

Type: Double Offset Butterfly 

Size:  DN 100

Pressure: PN 16 

Body Material: C95800

Disc: C95800 






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